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Menus are some of the most important functions withing a website. They should enable the user to go where he needs directly and without having to spend too much time sifting around pages to find his need.

We employ some of the best programming techniques to build beautiful and functional menu systems that make browsing the website a pleasure.

Below are some samples of menus that we could use and their features:

  1. Menus will have items you can execute through keyboard shortcuts like F2, Ctrl+N, Alt+P, Alt+Ctrl+F
  2. Menus can also include any number of advanced components like color-pickers and calenders,...etc, within the menu items. Furthermore menu items do not have to be static; we will design them to display any type of data in your database or XML file.
  3. Menus have built-in intelligence for automatically detecting and displaying the currently selected menu item / path;
  4. Simple Context Menu: to implement a simple context menu that appears within the selected area
  5. Custom Context Menus are activated by a JavaScript command;
  6. Menus are CSS friendly; we can design multiple forms and skins for a single menu by just defining its CSS style
  7. We can also design menus that look like MS Office XP or MS Office 2003, and many others