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Mobile Phone/Device Applications is a powerfull way of connecting users to information from any point. You can use mobile phone/device applications to view and update your information according to your needs. Mobile applications can also be private with logins and passwords also. Now you can access you essential information from anywhere that has mobile GPRS connections.

Mobile phone/device applications can be categorized into to main usage ways:

  • Mobile Internet pages: these are mobile specific Internet webpages that you can access from your mobile phone or device.
  • Native applications: Like iOS iPhone, iPod Touch, or iPad applications, or Andriod and Windows Mobile 7 that you upload into your mobile/device or download from an application store

The distinction between the Mobile Web and native mobile applications is becoming increasingly blurred, as mobile browsers gain direct access to the hardware of mobile devices (including accelerometers and GPS chips), and the performance of browser-based applications improve (speed- and capability-wise). Persistent storage and access to sophisticated user interface graphics functions may further reduce the need for the development of platform-specific native applications.

We provide support for mobile Internet applications for all types of phones (including iPhone and iPad). We can design customer Internet interfaces and websites designed particularly to support your smartphone.

We are also familiar with Apple's iOS operating system (iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad) and have experience with publishing application to the AppStore.

Kanji Japanese Characters 1.0 on AppStore

This is a sample iPhone-specific Internet website search designed for the iPhone and similar smartphones

iPhone Internet page       iPhone Internet page      

We also custom Android applications for public or in-house (private) purposes:

Test application (

This is an old sample of a mobile (2005) phone internet appliction. In this example the mobile user can access the Weather Forcast, Tide conditions and Prayer time table for Kuwait, and the Kuwait Stock Exchange stock indicators. Below: This is how this page ( will appear if you access it from your mobile device (here it is accessed from Nokia 3100). Note that it gives you a choice to check the weather, tide, prayer time table, or the Kuwait Stock Exchange rates.

Visit this website on your mobile device, you will be redirected to our mobile page

View of the English Main menu       View of the Weather Forcast