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Microsoft .Net Chart

Microsoft® .NET is a set of advenced technologies that provide a connection between information, users, systems, and devices. The techniques enable a high level of system intergration using API Services. Service-oriented communication has changed software development, and applications interact through services have become the norm. .NET services are easy to deploy and enable seamless communication between programs on different machines.

Microsoft .Net Chart

Smart Devices: Using modern systems now you can connect your computer to other "Smart" devices (mobile phones, Pocket PCs,...etc.). Using API Services the user can reach and use the information from virtually anywhere and at any time.

API Services: Windows Communication Foundation are part of the .NET Framework that provides a unified programming model for rapidly building service-oriented applications that communicate across the web and the enterprise. These are small and highly efficient programs that are also reusable. These units employ information exchange standards to enable communication between different programs that might be written in different languages and reside on different machines and operating systems.

Servers: The Server will efficiently exchange information using API Services with user computers, other servers, or other devices.

Development Tools: We will use all the previous program techniques, using Visual Studio® .NET, to design, program, and operate API Services to serve your needs.

The modified article and illustrations are taken from Microsoft Corporation.

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