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Kanji Japanese Characters 1.0 on AppStore

Name: Kanji Japanese Characters
Category: Reference, Education
Version: 1.0
Rating: 4+

This application is a quick reference to the meanings of the Japanese kanji (漢字) character set. The list contains 1945 jōyō kanji characters prescribed by the Japanese Ministry of Education for everyday use. Each listing has Japanese readings and English meanings with stroke count (number of strokes to create character).

The kanji are graded according to Ministry of Education guidelines for students from elementary 1st to 6th grades and beyond.

The user can search or select kanji group by its Japanese elementary school grade.

The search function takes any string that represents any of the following information: kanji character (e.g. "右"), English meaning ("right"), on'yomi ("ユウ" or "yu"), kun'yomi ("みぎ" or "migi"), or number of strokes ("5"). The search will retrieve all kanji with information related to the input string.